We Now Have Digital Dental X-ray!  Take a Look!

It is not likely that you would allow years to go between your dental visits. Surprisingly, pet dental care is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of pet care.  Dental disease can lead to health problems including heart, lung and kidney disease.  Beginning dental care early and taking steps throughout your pet’s life, will help keep your pet healthy. A collaborative effort between pet owners and veterinarians is necessary to prevent periodontal and related diseases.

Just like humans, our pets require routine professional dental cleanings.  A complete oral exam, x-rays, ultrasonic dental cleaning, and fluoride treatment will require your pet to be sedated. Prior to sedation, all patients receive a full evaluation. Blood work and an ECG provide information about your pet’s systemic and cardiovascular health.  Special attention is paid to the health of each tooth and the associated gingival tissue. Abnormalities can range from gum recession to tumors in the oral cavity.  Digital dental x-rays now allow us to appreciate nearly two thirds more pathology!  It is at this time, by compiling all findings, that we may discover extraction of a tooth may be necessary. Tooth removal is reserved for situations only when necessary. We do not like for pets to lose teeth; but at times, it may be necessary when a tooth or root is loose and/or diseased.


Every surface of the tooth is cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler during the cleaning process. Careful cleaning beneath the gum line is very important. After each tooth and associated structures are evaluated and cleaned, a fluoride treatment is performed.  Radiographs and pre/post photographs are reviewed with each pet owner.  A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Pain management, as always, is important. As you can imagine, oral pain can be associated with dental cleanings.  We also like to start are patients on antibiotics a few days prior to the dental cleaning.

Continued oral care at home is extremely important in keeping your pet healthy. We have a full line of dental care products to help you succeed. With the help of our veterinarians and staff, we will devise a dental regimen dedicated to your pet’s specific needs.